Friday, October 2, 2009

Bad-Ass Coffee

To get myself off the beaten path, I decided to do a blog about coffee. Boring rite?

Well, its MY blog, so whatever I say, goes :)

Have u ever tried Kona coffee? I think most of U guys/girls are already too used to Arabica and Robustas, so this Kona is a bit 'lari' subject. Well, that particular coffee blend attracted my attention from heading to Starbucks, which i think have the same blend, but only brew it at certain times. So I headed to BAD-ASS coffee of Hawaii to get a sip(at least) of the famous but rare blend, KONA

so i went to the counter, looked at the menu, and guess what i ordered?
a Jitter juice, which consists of 4 shots of espresso, Dark Chocolate with the secret concoction, Irish Cream, hehehehe

the taste? Simply out of this world
that i can vouch

so guys, if u were headed to Tropicana City Mall, come on over to Bad Ass coffee

Writer's Block!!!

Guys and girls, ladies and gentleman,
I have reached the plateau of blogging, which is MENTAL BLOCK!
So rite now, I dunno what to write about, or who I'm supposed to talk shit about
So please, help me guys by giving me a topic, be it short or long ,as long as i can use it to write