Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 days to 2010

9.30 PM 29/12/2009...
Am at home, finished my laundry ( which consists of everything under the sun, seluar kecik, seluar besar, triangle shaped cloth used to cover the breast area of a female, my PaPa's clothes) and done hanging them.
Sumthing struck me. I have nothing to show or be proud of in 2009. I did not achieve my dreams(singular actually, its just my ill-fated luck to not be able to procure my own DSLR camera) , nor did I achieve sumthing spectacular to cap 2009.
Why did that happen? I'm not sure myself, but to me, 2009 is sumthing that I really dun want to remember sumtimes, its one of my hardest times ever since I became Leobabelicious. What have I done this year? Practically nothing.
Took lots of pics? Nope. Camera Out Of Order, been wanting to get a new one but as PaPa told me, He can buy it for me, but on One Simple term : No sharing pics of Leobabelicious anymore. Can only share it with the sponsors or public if they help me get at least half of it. Seems fair enuff rite? But too bad, all these ppl out there doesnt seem to think so. They have this idea that they can get free pics everywhere on The Net. If they do think so, please DELETE me from their list, but they dun seem to heed. Why still keep me in their list then?
Somehow, there lives a tribe who I will be calling Sore Losers who at the blink of an eye, would transform from ' Can I get a fcuk fcuk?' to ' Ur a disgrace to our race' whenever I rejected their sexual advances. Why are Malaysians so Hypocrite? Sorry to be racist, but Malays are the worst of the lot. One more way to describe them is like one minute PKR, then all of a sudden, terus jadi Al- Arqam...Ustaz in a second? U can only find it here in Malaysia
Got a lot of modelling jobs? Nope. It seems like ppl have two minds about hiring me. One : ' If we employ her, we must get her to lie down, open up our trousers and let Leobabelicious show her prowess' . For god's sake, I'm not Fasha Sandha! I'm NOT desperate for a job till I have to kangkang and lose my dignity over this. Please READ THIS. I am NOT a prostitute, I am NOT a hooker, I am NOT a pelacur or anything in the same sense. I am just doing what I want to do, so please Respect me for doing so. Tq