Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So close yet so far

Thanks to you guys, i managed to collect around RM950 in my quest to get myself a DSLR for myself
Thanks to you guys, i managed to get contact where to get a decent 2nd hand DSLR at Pertama Complex
Thanks to you guys, i managed to go there and found a 2nd hand Nikon D40 going for RM1200
Thanks to you guys, i managed to to hold it up till I can get it, but the owner doesnt accept deposits or downpayment, so I can only buy the camera when i have the full amount
Thanks to you guys, i managed to lose the camera with just RM 250 to go, and now I have to start finding a more expensive on to get it started
Thank you very much

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the less known part of my life

Here I am, hanging about after breaking fast with my Papa @ Steven’s Corner, wondering what should I blog about today. And it hit me, outside from my circle of friends and sponsors ( who I prefer to call dearest of supporters) , nobody really knows who I am, how I look like, and most importantly to them, am I reachable to their dicks or pussies.

Well, the answer is a YES or NO, depending on the situation. Let me tell all of you, why I said that. Somehow in MySpace, many people has this perception that I, Leobabelicious is
· A Fictional character
· A Fake
· A bapuk/transvestite/transsexual
· Just a guy who posted A LOT of girls pics to get attention
Guys/ Girls, I beg to differ. Firstly, I am NEVER a fictional character. If I am, I wouldn’t have REVENGE (
) appointing me as their OFFICIAL AMBASSADOR and I wouldn’t have TED ADNAN, a renowned master of photography and famous for taking lots and lots of pictures for celebrities ( to be my guest photographer. And recently enuff, I have attracted an international lingerie and innerwear manufacturer to have me endorse their products, which I will post very very soon.

Secondly, how can i be a fake when i have hundreds of the pics with the same kind of boobs, tummy and to be crude as ppl may think, the same kind of cameltoe? How many of u guys can see consistency like that anywhere here from a headless person ( headless means shots taken without the head portion, not chopped off head)

Next, Bapuk? This is the funniest of them negative comments, LOL. Why? Simple. I think ALL the ppl who said I’m a shemale has NEVER been with a naked woman, or fucked one, or to be rude, perhaps wrongly dated a shemale on his last date. Come on, u can ask any shemale u see out there( if u happen to be friends with them, even easier) whether they can tell U am I one of them or am I just the girl I said I am?
Lastly, that I am a guy who got hold of a collection of a girl with no head, and decided to post it up just to get attention( in simpler terms, to get laid) . This is the stupidest thing that a man/boy/ old fart can do to get a girl, coz its so LAME. I think I have at least 10% of this supposedly gurl-but –turned out to be a guy- who wanted to get an easy lay-by posting himself as a girl- in my friends list. All of a sudden, Malaysia is so packed with lesbian girls who wants to find a new partner for them to play with, even girls with tudungs play the same shit, and nobody is spared. Why owh why do u guys ever think that the girls will fall for this silly trap? Even if the girl decided to leave a phone number, hoping for the ‘fake girl’ to call, and when the call did happen, the voice on the other end sounded like one desperate guy, wouldn’t the girl just leave, and the guy ends up having a blue balls? Come on people, start being urself instead of trying to pose as a lesbian or sumthing. Furthermore, I’m STRAIGHT as a ruler, and I will fuck GUYS only.

Which makes my point on things that everybody likes to ask me

Would U fuck me? They say that thousands of times in my inbox, comments and bulletin comments, and then get mad or say that I’m an arrogant person. If everyone thinks like what these kind of people thinks, then my 2 sens worth would say that Malaysia would not have just 20 million people in it, and the world wouldn’t have just 6.8 billion souls, it must have quadrupled at least. Why I said that? Coz these ppl got the inkling that everybody who shows off her body must be sexually active, and eager to fuck every Tom, Dick and Harry he/she meets. Shoot, if that is the case, I wonder how can we become sumbodys’ son or daughter when the father can fuck any lady he finds and the mother also can fuck every guys she sees. If that really happens, then I personally think that we shouldn’t have surnames or have a fathers’ name column in our Identification Card, whatever U call it in your respective countries coz everybody is busy fucking. For me, for SEX to happen, it must be with a willing partner(s) , chose because of looks, equipment ( dicks or pussy) or the worst, wealth. So in a nutshell, U must accept the fact that if sumbody rejects ur Invitation to have sex with him/her, it means that U R NOT GOOD ENUFF.

I’ll share sumthing with all of u here, I will tell you hows my sexuality. I’m STRAIGHT, but
I’m also a SWINGER, but I swing with my Papa( my partner, not my father). What does that mean?
It means that we like swapping partners, I fuck your guy, and my guy fucks ur girl, that is the ideal situation. We dun mind having just 1 guy or girl around in the same room, but how we decide on that is subjective. So what are we interested in are SWAPPING, 3somes, 4somes, Orgies with equal amount of men and women and the sorts. So thats how we have our fun. So guys, if U have read this, U will know exactly how I swing

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How did my online persona started

Most of you will definitely wonder how does this, I mean the Leobabelicious on MySpace started. Well, this is the story.

It was 4 years ago, around halfway of 2005. I was just a normal gurl at that time, a VERY normal girl, nothing much to tell u about. Skinny, unattractive, not fashionable at all. I even go to work in baju kurung, daily. There is no way u can see me in all these up to date clothings.

This all changed when Papa came into my life. Let me tell u a bit about this partner-lover-bestfriend-counselor that I have been in a relationship with. He is what we call a normal guy at first, with decent Chinese looks that he inherited from his mum’s grandmother who is a Nyonya. I met him the first time online, on MySpace itself, when i was having another page just to look for friends, and believe me, i dun have much guys looking at me at that time. I think the maximum amount of friends that i had on that profile is 50, and nearly all I i added on my own, not they added me. Owh, maybe you guys will start thinking, was i sexually active at that time? Well yeah, I was. But it has been a mundane sex life if i may say so myself. At that time, I was having a weird relationship with a Chinese guy, lets call him O. O was my colleague at my old workplace, where we got close together and I kinda fucked him the first time out of curiousity, and it was not bad. So which part was weird? Well, we dun really show our affections at the office, we covered it as if we can get into ISA if the news broke out. But on weekends, he will come to my parents’ place, pick me up, bring me shopping for what I need, and then bring me home, and we’ll have sex together. But apart from that, nothing. Nada.

So when one day I kinda asked Papa out for lunch nearby my workplace and he said yes, I was not expecting anything more than normal lunch and get to know each other session. Well, from that moment on, I was smitten by his humour, sincerity and all the other stuffs I saw from him at that time. And it has not gone sexual yet at that time. But I already know, that I’m going to fuck him at least once to find out if he is the ONE, the soulmate I’m looking for all these time. And that moment really came about a week after that. In between that, we were already trading sex jokes, kinda petted a bit in the car, and he was adamant that he gets to kiss me everytime after lunch, to see how a laksa aftertaste tastes in my mouth, and I think that is weird, but adorable. And somehow, I came to a point where I dun mind him touching my boobs everytime we kiss, coz its like the first time ever a guy got a liking for what I have on my normal body, well to me it is normal. And I bet everybody else will also agree to that if they saw me 4 years ago.

I think I’ll skip the sex part for now, will do it later if there is sufficient ppl reading it :D

Back to Leobabelicious’s history

So after a few months where I’ve dumped O and headed for the blissful life with Papa, the sex life was great, we fucked everytime we got, going for hours sumtimes ( current records is a secret, but its more than a few hours, and its not slow humping U see) , but there was one thing missing. I felt left out when we were hanging out at public place, parks, etc. Left out in what way? Well, I was still going out unfashionably, I think my best outfit of the day is always a cardigan top with jeans. Really lame rite? Being who he is, my Papa who used to do some modelling a few years back noticed sumthing wrong with me, exactly what I felt the first time we went out in public together. One fine day he asked me ‘ Are you comfortable with who you are and what you are NOW? ‘ and guess what was my reply to him? Not at all. He asked me what was it in me that I found lacking? I said, nearly everything. The next question was more shocking. ‘ U want me to change u and make people notice U at the very least?’ and I immediately said yes, and lastly he asked me ‘ Would U do anything to get that ? ‘ and again, I said YES without batting an eyelid. For me, he is trustable, and what he’s gonna do is going to make my social presence better, so i went for the ride of my life.

First things first, Papa asked me what do I saw that is making me feel being not on the same par with other girls, and I told him, it’s my figure. Immediately, he asked me to strip naked (at this time, I have not been fully naked all the times with him, just during sex, and we were too busy fucking to notice each others’ flaws ) and started to examine my body. From what he deduced, I do have a good body, but its just that I’m too shy to show it off. I disagreed, saying that its just bullshit, maybe its him trying to get me to be naked more around him. U guys know what he did? He offered me a bet that I can’t refuse at all. What was the bet? Well, it involves taking a pic of me in my lingerie (the ones he bought for me at that time, not the crap I was wearing B4 that, which was really crappy) and posting it on MySpace, and we’ll judge the responses and comments that we got from there on for a month, and we can see whether I have a good photogenic body or not. If he loses, he will just be a normal boyfriend, no more crazy stuffs to do together. If he wins, I’ll be his, Forever.

So what was the verdict at the end of that one month? I’ll let u be the judge one more time and U can keep wondering who won and who lost too........ :)