Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Am I gonna reach my target and dreams?

As u all know, yours truly is trying her very best to get funds for a new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex for the uninitiated) camera to replace my broken Olympus Fe-320. To give u an update on what i've achieved rite now, i got a total of RM 850 till today from my bf and other sponsors why mostly donated between Rm30 and 100 to help me achieve my dreams of taking better quality pics and share it with u guys.
At first, i dreamed about getting the Nikon D90 kit with 18-105mm lens which will cost me arond RM5200 or cheapest at RM 4588 , but looking at the current response, I'm lucky enuff if i can get a SECONDHAND Nikon D40 which I saw at Pertama Complex retailing at RM1200.
Why is that so? Well, thinking that i have 53000+ friends in my friends list, even if i get 1% of all that ppl to donate RM30 per person, i can get the funds needed to get it all done with, but sadly enuff, there are no real supporters or fans of Leobabelicious here in the world, even my blogs doesnt attract readers.
So, what do u think i shud do? desert Myspace for sumthing else?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Am I a sex symbol?

For the past 4 years, I've been getting this tag alot, but seriously, i dun have the slightest idea why. Wanna know the reason? Simple. To me, a woman's body is only sexy when she wants to be sexy. U might have the nicest bod in the universe, but if ur attitude, how u carry urself is bad, nobody is gonna look at u in the eye and tell u that.
A lot of ppl have been saying that i'm too selfish, proud of myself, till i got no time to reply or be nice to ppl who has been sending me mails and comments. Do you guys know how many mails i got a day? Can i say 400 mails per day is the minimum? U dun want to know what is the maximum... and to be frank, 95% of all that mails are very short indeed, like ' can i fuck u?' , ' u are very sexy' , 'can we meet tonite? ' and all the craps, so on and so forth. If u were me, what would u reply, and again, would u be nice and reply to all mails u got? I DUN FUCKIN' THINK SO!
So in my own words, i dun consider myself sexy, I just want to share what i have, and how i pose in it..simple enuff.

Monday, August 3, 2009

I need a new camera

For all who knows me from my other profiles, welcome to my new humble abode. This is just a place for me to share my thots, views, whatever else u call it in a matter i hope will not be censored and will be viewed and read with no ulterior motives.
So here i am, my very first Blog EVER! and i would have to go down under, deeply wanting to get sum help from u people out there who wants to lend a hand, who wants to see more, who directly or indirectly liked what they saw in MySpace.
Here's the situation in hand. I have lost the service of my ever faithful digital camera, a no frills Olympus FE-320(black, dunno why i chose that colour tho ) which according to the Olympus Service Centre in Mont Kiara, will cost me RM 300 to fix the jammed lens mechanism. To recap the purchase moment , I bought the Camera at a lowly RM 628 from Fotokem Subang Parade, so i think u guys will understand why i didnt plan to get it repaired.
I dun have much cash in hand to get a new one rite now and make all of u happy with new pics like what i've been doing all these years ( 4 years already, and no cancellation of my Myspace account yet, guess Tom likes me huh? ) so what is the best solution? Try to raise funds via a small donations to my bank account, which where this story starts

Every single time i post a bulletin or status updates over on my page, there will be comments surfacing on it, telling me to SOD OFF or stop lying to ppl and there are some who are willing to lend a hand, helping me, being a good friend, samaritan, fan, whatever they call themselves, but i'm deeply grateful for these ppl. I dun want to be biased, but in a real world, if u dun have the power or anything else to help, just please, ignore the call for help instead of being a harsh commentator.

To be frank, i thot this thing can sumhow make me achieve my dream of getting a DSLR like a Nikon D90 which my Sifu, TED Adnan will definitely approve since he is a Nikon Pro, but b the looks of it, i might just even get a few hundred, and ending up having to buy a normal point and shoot like my old camera, so worst case scenario, i will not be able to post nicer pics than the ones i have currently and having to depend on TED and his magical D3 to make a magic out of the girl who is called LEOBABELICIOUS.