Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What Do I Mean by Sponsors

A lot of people has asked me, what is it that I mean by Sponsors over here on my page, and most people has not done any reading thru my blogs to understand what it is.

Sponsors are people who in their own capacity, donates ( I prefer this word rather than pay for an obvious reason) a minimum of RM 50 to my Maybank account numbered 1623 0253 8557, and shows me the proofs in my email at leogirlster@gmail.com . They are not donating to me in a sense that they are paying to get my sexual services or sumthing to that accord. This is a totally voluntary donation. And yes, its a ONE TIME only donation, meaning once u have done it, u dun have to re do it ever again, unless U want to.

What does sponsors get as a benefit? Well. here goes
1. Access to my sponsors-only profile which has all my pics ( www.myspace.com/leobabelicious08)
2. Access to my Yahoo Messenger ID which are private only for my sponsors, where U can get a chance or chances to find out more about me
3. Only these group of ppl will ever get the chance to meet me face to face, like what I've been doing all these years.

I hope this sums up everything U guys want to know, or if there are more questions, please feel free to PM me directly


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One good deed deserves another

Its been a while since I have wrote anything over here. Missed writing a lot, but it seems like I just dun have the time to do it much, work commitment and MySpace has dragged me down. I cannot imagine myself replying to more than 2000 mails I receive per day. Yeah, that is the bare minimum, tolak all the ' Hi babe' mails of course. The pics comments and normal one tak payah cakap la.
As U all know, I have been bombarded with negative things from a lot of immature ppl on my MySpace page. Now I'm taking things in stride and try to ignore more, but that is not the story now, as per the Title.
The real story is this. I do believe that a good deed deserves another good deed, that old english saying is not supposed to be logical anymore in this modern times. But it did happen to me. Why I said that? Simple. I am getting a lot more brickbats from strangers, but I am also getting more help from new sponsors, and the shocking thing was, even old sponsors decided its time for them to help me again to achieve my dreams.
When I asked them, the answers would be like this " What U have given us from day one is much more worth it than the RM 30 that U have asked". Investment well reaped in short. But I dunno whether this is the case or not.
Izit the case? Can U comment more on this?