Friday, October 5, 2012

New group for sponsors on Facebook

Good day guys and girls
I'm back here after a hiatus of a few years
Been hitting a writer's block for ages, so I am rusty in blogging
So bear with me ya?

Due to some pricks out there in my Facebook friends list, I have been suspended from Facebook THRICE ( Yes, thats what we call 3 times) in one week. Again and again, the fault lies in my latest DIY BodyPaints album, featuring myself as the model, and my hubby as the pnihotographer. What, U guys are jealous just because my nipples are coloured PINK? LOL

So to curb this menace, I have decided to start a new secret group for sponsors here on Facebook. Remember the old times on MySpace? This is about the same, but this time pics will be more daring, better in quality and number, but still maintaining the Leobabelicious identity

How to enrol?
Maybank : 1623 0253 8557
Email :

U have this two information, and U have at least RM 50, and U can be in this group

P/s : Sponsorship can be more than RM 50, but I will only let in the group for sponsorships amounting to RM 100 or more. Kalau rasa tak mampu, saya tidak memaksa anda untuk mengikut cakap saya. 

Terima kasih and have a good weekend

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